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Going Raw – Back to Basics April 24, 2011

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: I take far better care of my dogs than I do myself (though admittedly, I also take far better care of myself when I’m caring for my dogs).  I think this is a problem many caretakers have, be they parents, pet owners, or nurses, just to name a few.

As those of you who know me are probably aware, for me, part of caring for my fur-kids means feeding a healthy, anatomically appropriate, diet.  In fact, I believe a healthy diet is at the heart of natural rearing, which I subscribe to as much as I reasonably can.

Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to write a series of articles about raw feeding and share them with the Manchester Terrier community through their international fancier publication, Black & Tan Magazine.  Ollie and Westley are very proud and absolutely take advantage of the bragging rights this affords them amongst the other Monster Terrorists they know, far and wide.

After submitting my third installment in the series last week, I thought I really ought to share the information I have about raw feeding on my blog as well.  So, over the next few days (or weeks – whatever works), I will be posting my articles on raw feeding here on my blog for all to enjoy.  If you have comments or questions, I encourage you to post them as replies to my blog – I will work to address them.

Hug your pets – and here’s wishing you sweet dreams from Prague.

…What?  I didn’t mention I’m in Prague on a vacation?  Yeah… probably because the guilt of leaving the dogs behind for almost 2 full weeks is practically killing me!!  But I know I’ll survive, and so will they.  Ollie and Angie are boarded at their most favorite facility, where they can run and play all day, before sleeping deeply each night in a “luxury sweet.”  Westley (who is intact and therefore cannot play with the other dogs at boarding) is in NJ with The Honey, who (because he’s the best boyfriend ever) is dog/house sitting for my parents while we traipse across Prague and Germany.

Did I mention he’s the best boyfriend ever?

As in, e-v-e-r.


It must be love – I miss him as much as I miss my dogs!!


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