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Wicked Wicked Wednesday March 2, 2011

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Dead End Street Sign

...story of my life...

Well, it’s Wednesday.  It’s that day of the week where I review all my CareerBuilder, LawLadders, Monster, and other such job “matches,” and spend my morning sending out resumes that I doubt anyone will actually review.  Aside from the computer generated responses clogging my inbox (“Thank you for submitting your resume…”), I’ve not once heard back from a prospective employer following an online application.

What gives?  I hold a BA from Duke University for my double major in English and Religions.  Admittedly, those are not the most useful or practical courses of study, but they certainly show a higher level of critical thinking and analytical capabilities.  Then there’s my Theatre minor and my Certificate in Judaic Studies (which means nothing to anyone – except perhaps my Jewish Mother).

And let’s not overlook that J.D. from Emory University.  Of course, how could I ever forget that 8.5 x 11 piece of paper – at $120,000, it costs me more per month than my mortgage!  Damned student loans…

So.  Yeah.  Wednesdays are bad bad days – so much so, that sometimes I postpone Wednesday altogether until Thursday, and sometimes I just get it over with on Tuesdays.

Done bitching – it’s time for a Mimosa…


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